“Life Unwrapped provided a sanctified time to be before the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and find the courage of the Holy Spirit to ignite the passion to boldly share all the ways God has transformed my life. The weekend was a priceless, precious time of fellowship and growth for me and thus the nonprofit God has me leading, The Calling. Thank you Life Unwrapped for transforming my life and igniting my souls courage to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through my unique story. I challenge everyone to get involved in this very heavenly ministry! No matter what season you are in, the leadership, environment and Christ centeredness will not let you be unchanged.”
– Chrysandra Brunson, Founder and CEO of The Calling, Daughter of the Great I AM.

Donna and Dawn Glass are a joy to work with.  Being able to open up to them with every aspect of my life has been a blessing and just when I needed it most (God’s timing of course!).  For those that don’t know the Glass team very well, I would consider them my prayer warriors.  Willing to put down everything at a moment’s notice to pray.  Their faith in Christ is refreshing and so encouraging to see.  I am blessed to know them and to call them friends.
– Lynette Rempel

“About Dawn and Donna Glass and Life Unwrapped: These two amazing women are cut from the same cloth. They are kind and compassionate, great listeners, discerning in the Spirit, gifted in exhortation and encouragement, and devoted to prayer. To spend time with them is to see their passionate desire to help women to know their identity in Christ and to give them a voice to share their unique stories, and in the telling to allow the Lord to heal and breathe courage into them. Dawn and Donna facilitate God’s healing touch in the lives of women; they are a like a fresh breeze in the Spring–exquisitely refreshing and life giving.”
– Susan Evans

Dawn and Donna Glass are two of the most authentic women I know. Their ministry, Life Unwrapped, has reached so many women, offering them a safe environment to share their personal struggles as well as their successes. For me, personally, Dawn and Donna have come alongside me as trusted friends and mentors. I value these ladies and their ministry deeply and can’t say enough good about them. They are wonderful examples of Romans 12:15-16, “rejoicing with those who rejoice and mourning with those who mourn.” They are precious, humble women with a heart for God and a heart for people.
Jennifer Waddle

Donna and Dawn provide such an atmosphere of peace that it’s easy to relax and take care of heart matters. The Holy Spirit is clearly leading and directing these anointed ladies, providing them with great guidance and practical ideas to help unfold our ability to communicate  and even express  the hardest things  you could encounter in life. After the two “one-on-one “workshops I had with them, I felt a great freedom from burdens I was neglecting to have due to my childhood wounds. One of the amazing impacts has been the freedom to be who God made me to be and  to actually  sit down and write my testimony and being able to share it now with others to bring glory to God. Life Unwrapped ministry gave me new ways to be able to testify what the Lord has done in my life and how he continues to use my testimony to encourage and help others to seek our precious holy God for everything, He is the only one who will satisfy us completely because He loves us with his unending and everlasting love.
– Paola Carreno

I always knew that a testimony should be more than just a ticket to eternal life, but I did not consciously know a testimony’s true depth until I became involved with Life Unwrapped Ministries. After spending time with Donna and Dawn Glass, I finally realized that a testimony was more than just the story of your past. While your testimony does edify yourself and your relationship with God through grace, it was also designed by God to strengthen others. Revelation 12:11 says “[God’s children] defeated [Satan] by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.” When we share our
testimony with others, we actually are partnering with God to show others how the blood of the Lamb can work in their lives. I have learned from Donna and Dawn that no matter how small your testimony is it still has a purpose in the Kingdom. Whether your testimony includes financial, medical, personal, or relational hardships, it matters because God has put people in your path who are longing to hear your testimony. Donna and Dawn have also shown me that a testimony is not only about salvation, it is about
walking daily with Jesus, the Pursuer of our hearts. Our testimonies will all continue to evolve as we continue to walk with God. I am delighted that these two amazing women and their life-changing ministry have become a part of my life and personal testimony because it is through them that I truly see a beautiful testimony of God’s goodness.
– Katie Tomlinson


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