Connecting Our Testimonies with His Purpose

Vision: To develop and guide people to be confident and courageous in sharing their testimonies; drawing forth each one’s full potential and specific purpose.

Mission: To unwrap testimonies of God’s love and forgiveness that compels each of us to change our lives. Then to unlock our faith to action by using our “I’m all IN” strategy, moving us from spectators to participants in God’s ultimate story.

Impact: To see the testimonies of the Body of Christ bring hope and transformation to the world … through relationships, leadership, and the stewardship of each area of life. We would love to come alongside your Church and partner together to engage, equip, and encourage individuals to be THE difference, not just be A difference for God’s kingdom!

Point: No matter what season or position of life you are in … your authentic story needs to be shared. You may be the only witness to the grace of Jesus and the power of the Spirit that someone will ever know.

Scripture: “You yourselves are our letter, written on our hearts, known and read by everyone.”
2 Corinthians 3:2 NIV

Executive Team: Donna Glass and Dawn Glass – A Mother/Daughter Duo

History – The name Life Unwrapped came out of a family conversation about people (including some family members!) being real or authentic. Suddenly our 8 year-old son firmly stated, “be open or unwrapped!” As we talked and did dishes the subject moved to unwrapping or accepting God’s gift of Jesus, our Savior.  The one who offers “life” to us. At that point our 17 year-old daughter chimed in with “life unwrapped!” The discussion went on at the kitchen sink… But the name “Life Unwrapped” stuck!  

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Life Unwrapped –

Check out our radio interview with Shawn Marie at KCMM 99.1 FM in Bozeman, MT!

In December 2017, Donna & Dawn had an opportunity to be on the “It’s Your Business Showcase” on KBIQ in Colorado Springs. You can listen to that interview here –

February 2021 brought a fun opportunity! Dawn and Donna were invited to be guests on “The Talking Story Podcast” Listen here – https://anchor.fm/thetalkingstorypodcast/episodes/How-to-Impact-Others-by-Using-Your-Story-eqf0nb/a-a4ladq2

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